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First Trailer for Twice Born Novel Adaptation

The first trailer for Twice Born has hit the net - you can watch it below.
Although I'm not a fan of the onscreen letters fading in and out AND if I see another romantic film scene where the man has gone and lit a hundred candles in a room, I think I'll scream! But those quibbles aside, it looks pretty gorgeous 
The film, based on Margaret Mazzantini's novel (Venuto al Mondo is the Italian title) starring Penelope Cruz as Gemma and Emile Hirsch as Diego, the now-dead father of her son, premieres at the Toronto Film Festival this week. Not sure when the film arrives - if ever? - at your local multi-plex.

From the publisher:
This international bestseller is a sweeping portrait of motherhood, loss, and redemption in war-torn Sarajevo. Filled with memories of the four-year siege of Sarajevo, Gemma reluctantly boards a flight from her native Rome to that war-scarred city with her sixteen-year-old son, Pietro. She hopes to teach her son about the city of his birth and about Diego, the father he never knew. Once there Gemma is caught between the present and the past, reliving her love affair with Diego, their determination to start a family, and their deep connection to Sarajevo even as the threat of war loomed.
The original in Italian
In this haunting and sophisticated novel, Mazzantini masterfully probes the startling emotional territory of what makes a family-particularly what makes a mother. As the fate of Sarajevo converges with Gemma's all-consuming desire to have a child we see how far she is driven, in a stunning revelation that is both heartbreaking and cathartic.

Brought to life by an unforgettable cast of characters, Twice Born is a tale of the acts of brutality and generosity that war can inspire. A blockbuster bestseller in Mazzantini's native Italy, it has taken Europe by storm and will soon be published around the world.