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Congrats to Don 'Raymond Chandler' Winslow #book2movie

Attention SAVAGES fans. Don Winslow will be presented with The Raymond Chandler Award at the Courmayeur Noir Festival, held in December in the Italian Alps. Nice work if you can get it.
The festival said Winslow was being awarded  "for a dazzling writing career spent depicting the intense humanity of crime and the marginalized, from Mafiosos to the disenchanted ideals of the California dream, in a style that owes much to cinema. Hollywood has in fact paid tribute to Winslow with Oliver Stone’s adaptation of his recent bestseller, Savages, to be released in Italy on October 25 as Le belve. Winslow co-wrote the script of the film, which is highly anticipated in Italy.

Winslow had this to say
"I have always been convinced that there is a strong interplay between noir and cinema,"
Winslow said, "and personally I think that my writing has been heavily influenced by the big screen unconsciously because I grew up with the films because they have been consciously contaminated by the work of directors like Truffaut, Fellini, and Woo. Films like Eight and a Half and La Strada encouraged me to take risks with the creative structure of my novels, especially Savages."
And I assume he said thanks, as well.
Courmayeur Noir Festival

Source: Deadline