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Big Screen Adaptation of Winter's Tale #book2movie

About the Book:
Set in New York at the beginning and the end of the twentieth century, Winter´s Tale unfolds with such great narrative force and beauty that a reader can feel that its world is more real than his own. Standing alone on the page before the book begins are the words, I have been to another world and come back. Listen to me. In that world, both winter and the city of New York (old and new) have the strength and character of protagonists, and the protagonists themselves move as if in a vivid dream. Though immensely complicated, the story is centered upon Peter Lake, a turn-of-the-century Irish burglar, and Beverly Penn, a young heiress whom he encounters in robbing her house, and who eventually will die young and in his arms. His love for her, and a gift of grace will allow him after the most extraordinary and painful explorations and discoveries to stop time and bring back the dead. To follow him, his predecessors, his inheritors, and his companions is to experience one of the great stories of American literature.

Set to Shoot:
Akiva Goldsman, the prolific screenwriter behind A Beautiful Mind, Practical Magic, The Da Vinci Code, I Am Legend, A Time to Kill and more is almost ready to add feature film director to his list of credits. He'll start shooting Winter's Tale on October 27th in Manhattan and is still making last-minute casting decisions; he just added Matt Bomer (Magic Mike, White Collar), Lucy Griffiths (True Blood) and Eva Marie Saint to a cast that already includes  Colin Farrell, along with Downton Abbey‘s Jessica Brown Findlay and major players like Russell Crowe, Will Smith, and William Hurt, who just doesn't make enough movies.
The only character listed on IMDB.com is Will Smith as Pearly Soames.

Colin Farrell is set to star as
Peter Drake, the thief, and
Jessica Brown Findlay is
the dying young woman.

Supposedly Matt Bomer and Lucy Griffiths play the thief's parents.  Which sounds bizarre since both Bomer and Griffiths are years younger than Collin Farell except that the story centers around Farrell's character being able to stop time and bring back the dead. INTRIGUING!

Marc Platt (Wicked, Drive, Legally Blonde, Charlie St. Cloud) and Michael Tadross (I Am Legend, Akira, Gangster Squad, Sherlock Holmes) produce. Zooey Deschanel's proud papa, Caleb Deschanel shoots and Hans Zimmer will score.  Sounds like all the stars are aligning for a good one!

Goldsman isn't saying what role the iconic Eva Marie Saint (North by Northwest) plays but hints its a pivotal part. Can you guess what part Saint will play?