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Josh Brolin to play Norman Ollestad, Sr.

Sean Penn is so smart. Last week I wrote that he was signed up to direct the screen adaptation of Norman Ollestad's Crazy for the Storm which is a moving and gripping true story of survival. You can read the original post here  At the time I wrote that I wished Penn could play the father. I still think he would be tremendous in the part but the news that Josh Brolin is in talks to play Norm Ollestad Sr, confirms for me just what a great job Penn will do. Casting is just about the most important task a director faces and Penn has this one down.  
Norman Ollestad, the man, was a former FBI agent who was at odds with J. Edgar Hoover's regime and actually wrote an expose Inside the FBI. He has huge hopes and dreams for his son and drives him mercilessly.

Complex, a bit of a bully, but also full of a father's love, it's a role that demands a physically tough, macho looking kind of guy. Brolin has that look of a wild man, barely contained in the confines of society. I think he will be perfect as the father who brutally pushes this kid as far as he can go.  Filming will start at the beginning of the new year.