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Costner to be Bill Harper to Chris Pine's Jack Ryan

He may no longer the cute  Crash we all loved in Bull Durham but Kevin Costner is back in the spotlight due to rave reviews for his performance in the acclaimed Hatfield & McCoys.
Today, Deadline announced that not only is Costner a go to play CIA Agent William Harper, the mentor of Chris Pine's Jack Ryan in an untitled Kenneth Branagh film, he also plans to spin the role off for the studio's Without Remorse, based Clancy's 1993 novel.
The book is available on Nook, in paperback as well as Audio Book!


  1. I've always liked Kevin Costner. I guess I haven't seen him in anything for awhile. Did his career take a bad turn with that Waterworld movie?

    1. Yes. Waterworld, The Postman were both flops (financially and critically) That was the mid 90's. He's had a few successes since then it's been a mediocre run at best. Especially when you think back to all the great stuff - Bull Durham, Fields of Dreams, No Way Out, The Untouchables and of course, Dances with Wolves.


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