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A couple of movies about writers: Ruby Sparks and The Words

Usually I blog about movies based on books, and the books those movies are based on. But there are a couple of movies I'm pretty intrigued to see that are not adaptations of novels. Of course I see movies that aren't based on books all the time but I rarely talk about them here. For example, last night my husband and I saw The Dark Knight Rises and while I won't go into it here, suffice it to say we were both blown away. And kleenex was involved. That's all.
Anyway, I thought you, as readers and writer types, would be interested in these two films that aren't based on books. Ruby Sparks, out in theaters now, as well as The Words, out in September.
Because they are both about writers. In Ruby Sparks, Paul Dano plays a writer named Calvin who falls in love with his own creation and manifests her into being with his mind. My son saw it and thinks I will love this movie so I'm going to check it out. Paul Dano's girlfriend, Zoe Kazan, actually wrote the script and stars in it as Ruby Sparks. Oh and she happens to be Elia Kazan's granddaughter  (On the Waterfront, Streetcar Named Desire, East of Eden - the list of impressive works from this iconic director goes on and on.) Screenwriting is in her blood, her parents are both successful screenwriters too! The film also has some great actors like Annette Bening, Elliot Gould and Antonio Banderas. Here's the trailer:

The other film is The Words in which Bradley Cooper plays a writer who can't write. He finds an old briefcase with a manuscript in it. Of course he pinches it and passes it off as his own. And then the real author, played by Jeremy Irons, comes to call. Sounds intriguing and the trailer looks pretty good too.
Check out the trailer and see what you think.