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Gone Girl, Fifty Shades of Grey,Sharp Objects, Dark Places: Fiction for Females?

So who has been reading the freshly published Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn?  A ton of you must have read it and loved it as it tops the NY Times Bestseller List for the second week in a row. And now, in a seven figure deal,  20th Century Fox has acquired the book which will be produced by Pacific Standard’s Reese Witherspoon. Gillian Flynn will write the screenplay based on her novel about a woman who disappears on her 5th anniversary with her husband the prime suspect; presumably Reese Witherspoon will star. Apparently, it was a hot bidding war with other studios including Universal in on the action. Nikki Finke theorizes that  "Fifty Shades of Grey action has elevated interest in bestsellers geared to female readers." I would hope that successful books like The Help, The Descendants, to name two, would have done that. The whole 50 shades hullaballoo is making me a little crazy; all the fuss over what is basically trashy titillation is maddening. Unless I'm wrong? I didn't finish the book; anyone willing to step up and say it has redeeming value? But I digress ...
Flynn has two other books being turned into movies in the works; Dark Places with Amy Adams attached to star, and her first novel, Sharp Objects, has Blumhouse’s Jason Blum producing.


  1. As an author, I just feel myself in Gillian Flynn's shoes (I hope, I hope). I love Reese Witherspoon and I agree with you about Fifty Shades of Grey, although I haven't read it, only excerpts.

  2. I've read and enjoyed all of her books. need to get to this one soon.

  3. The story revolves around a serial killer, but it is the most forgettable part when you reach the end. I don't have the greatest relationship with my family, but boy oh boy do they look sane now!

    Definitely would recommend this book to anyone.

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