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Night Terrors Update

I haven't been able to stop by my fellow bloggers Saturday Snapshots because today was my son, Russell's last day of shooting his movie (Night Terrors). That's him in the center of the picture looking down through the camera. The actors sitting at the table are Katherine Canipe and Michael McCormack.
Mark and I drove out to the set at Lake Malibou in Agoura (this is about an hour north of Los Angeles). We got some tubs of Stone Fire Chicken, Pasta and Salad plus a congratulations cake for the cast and crew. He and his crew have been working very hard on this film for the last ten days. Now shooting is over, I imagine he'll take a short break, then get down to editing. It's a very very low budget, full length feature and we're all pretty excited about it.
This is a link to the Night Terrors Facebook page
In the shot on the right, he's busy going over his shot list.
Director Russell Carter going over notes