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JACK REACHER - First Trailer for Tom Cruise next action flick

Jack Reacher, the TOM CRUISE movie based on Lee Child's One Shot doesn't come out until December but the studio has just released an early teaser trailer. It seems fairly typical to try to start building buzz for an action flick in the summer months when all the young dudes are paying attention. I also wonder whether they are capitalizing on the TomKat divorce buzz publicity - or even whether the divorce is part of the planned publicity.
There has been lots of controversy among the Lee Child fanbase surrounding Tom Cruise's casting; Reacher is supposed to be the enormous physical specimen ala Dolph Lundgren. I doubt the younger demo has read the books so they won't care.
I do notice a striking similarity to some of the ground that Drive, the excellent if shocking, Gosling 'vehicle', covered but I'm not familiar enough with the Reacher series of books from Childs to know if that's part of the character's ammo. Still the shot of the car, the driving, Reacher's hand on the gearshift, the helicopter overhead, all echo that film.
As dark as Cruise was in Collateral, can he carry the emotional weight of Jack Reacher? The trailer hints that he can. Only the film will say for sure.