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In Celebration of Bastille Day: Les Misérables TEASER TRAILER

C'est July 14! Bastille Day.  Vive La France!

I was actually in Paris for Bastille Day in 1989 - the 100th anniversary of the French Revolution. I have amazing memories and a scar to remind me. It was incredible. There was a huge parade and afterward the streets were thrumming with people singing and tossing tiny firecrackers. Tiny but still dangerous. I got hit in the leg and had to visit one of the many Red Cross stations set up throughout the city.
So in honor of Bastille Day, instead of a Saturday Snapshot I'm posting this teaser trailer of Les Miserables which hits screens in December. I posted it previously along with some criticism about the singing of Anne Hathaway. Maybe I was in a bad mood; listening to it now I think she sounds great. Or perhaps my critical side has been dulled by my empathetic side. I just read that she sobbed uncontrollably when she got the Fantine pixie haircut - and who can blame her!
Are you looking forward to this film as much as I am? I just watched a report that said  due to the current lack of real Oscar contenders, that Les Miz will definitely be in the running. I think with Tom Hooper directing, the beloved status of the musical, and the cast he's assembled, and the look of this trailer, there's a very good chance. But really, it's only July!
The same video report cited criticism of Hugh Jackman saying his film star status has dulled in recent years due to his insistence of continuing to do Broadway. That's one thing I do NOT hold against him; I adore Jackman's ability to throw himself 150% into singing, dancing and drama. The fact that he is a hot hunk of burning handsomeness throws him over the top. And according to the same source, Russell Crowe is still being held in contempt for his violent cell phone incident. Will he ever be forgiven? Should he be? Still, I think part of that personal drama adds to his excellence as a choice here!