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Chris Colfer came to the Grove and all the girls came too.

My husband has been trying to dowload these pictures from his phone all day. Well actually he tried in the morning and it didn't work and then all day he has been telling me he would try again.
So finally, here are my Saturday Snapshots. Saturday Snapshots is a fun, mostly un-bookish meme where we share photos. Alyce over at  At Home with Books hosts it and to play along, post a picture you took (don't just swipe it from the net) and then add it to her Mr. Linky.
We took these Saturday Snapshots when we went to Barnes and Noble at the Grove in L.A. the other day. As soon as we rounded the corner onto the main shopping area, we saw a ton of young girls, most of them in a long line. I made my husband go find out what they were waiting for.
He came back with the news that it was some guy from GLEE at Barnes and Noble.
We don't watch Glee but I know who Chris Colfer is.

He has a lot of fans. Here they are snaking around the upper level at B&N. The store was very careful to keep them in line, most of which was outside the store in the Grove itself, and on a street leading away from the Grove.

And here are some more in just one of the lines outside the store.

We did not take the following pictures but in case you dont know him, wanted to show you a picture of Chris as well as his recently published book. I kinda hate how celebrities get their books published so easily and can only hope it has some merit. Hell, I hope it's fantastic!
This is Chris.
And this is his book.


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  2. Sorry! Logged in under the wrong account. As I was saying... I hope so, too! I have been hearing enough about him!

  3. Love the photos - amazing what young girls will do to see their idol... all that queuing. My Snapshot is at http://goo.gl/5WXI0

  4. He does a good job playing a vulnerable character on Glee. I hope his book is good too. I am a little jealous (a lot jealous) that people with connections get their books published while mine are still waiting in my computer -- tick, tick, tick... Fun photos.

  5. Love going to author events! bet all the teenagers were agog at his having written a book ... My daughter and I just went to an author event to see Jodi Piccoult and her daughter Samantha van Leer discuss their new book. It was a hoot to see everyone all excited!

  6. I don't watch Glee and I'm really not interested in his book but I'm all for anything that gets kids excited about books and reading. I heard he did a fantastic job speaking at BEA.

  7. I don't watch Glee, but love that he wrote a book for children!! You gotta get them reading while they're still young.

  8. I don't watch Glee either, and have never heard of this young man, but it is good to see kids lining up for books- maybe some of them will even read it.

  9. I wish the kids were actually lining up for books - as opposed to lining up to see a celebrity which I fear is the case. And at 438 pages, it better be great (which I hear it isn't) to keep them reading. I'm not at all surprised to hear he was fantastic at BEA ... he is a talented young actor and personality.
    My son was lucky - he was caught up with the Harry Potter phenomenom when he was young - but I know there are truly wonderful books out there for children. This book is aimed at 8 to 12 year olds, by the way.
    So what's your favorite childrens' book?

  10. That was quite a line there! I'm curious to see how his book does and what the reviews are like.


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