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Wondrous Words Wednesday

Wondrous Words Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by Kathy over at Bermuda Onions. I haven't played in awhile since I've been in absentia but I am getting back in the saddle. To play, post words from your weekly reading that are new to you. Share on Kathy's website and see what other words fellow bloggers have come up. I think the goal is three. Some folks do more. Some less.
I have two words this week. One comes from a manuscript I'm reading from a work in progress by  Southern writer. It takes place in Lousiana in the late 60's early 70's and it's amazing. This woman is sooooo talented.
Two of her characters live in old converted slave quarters called the garconiere. I'm actually not sure if I have that spelled correctly; her work is in the car and I'm too rushed to get it. BUT it certainly is a lovely sounding word for slave quarters.
The other is from a game of Words with Friends I'm playing with my niece, Krysten. Who is, incidentally, kicking my ass in this game. The word is Meze and according to Dictionary.com here's what it means!!!!
Meze or mezze ( Arabic, مَزة , Greek mezé (μεζέ), Bulgarian: мезé / mezé , Turkish meze , ultimately from Persian maze (مزه) "taste, snack" ) in eastern Mediterranean is a selection of appetizers or small dishes often served with beverage, like anise-flavored liqueurs as the arak, ouzo, raki or different wines, similar to the tapas of Spain or finger food.
In Levantine cuisines and in the Caucasus region (especially in Armenia and Georgia), these dishes are served as appetizers, as a part of any large-scale meal. When not accompanied by alcohol, meze are known in the Middle East as muqabbilat ( Arabic: starters).