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Walking in L.A.

Here's my Saturday Snapshot, my contribution to Alyce's weekly meme over on her At Home with Books website. To play, TAKE A PICTURE (don't just swipe one from the web) and share it. I recently moved into the heart of the city and and am enjoying walking everywhere. Last night, spurred by the sounds of jazz in the air, I wandered over to LACMA (the Los Angeles County Museum of Art) with my dog, Charlie, where folks were congregating for a free Friday night concert. Charlie loves adventuring and relaxing on the grass. He doesn't much care for shopping so I didn't take him into the LACMA bookstore. Just in case you like art, art books AND shopping, here's the LACMA shop link. While I will miss the friendships I formed in Oak Park, I do love the city life! Who says nobody walks in L.A.?