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SAVAGES vs BABEL movie poster

I'm sure we've all been seeing the posters for SAVAGES. Here in L.A., anyway, they are EVERYWHERE. Looming overhead from billboards, and rumbling by on the sides of buses, they're strong solidly designed pieces. Except the names are ridiculously miniscule. But besides that they look pretty darn good.Today when I was cruising the net I ran across a new to me site called

You Won Cannes    The blogger made the point that the Savages poster is kind of a rip off of the Babel poster. Looking at them together, I would say he has a point. The series of horizontal images juxtaposed against the vertical title in white. And compare the first image in Savages; a long shot of people set against a desert like background with the last shot in Babel, also a long shot of people set against a desert like background.
There is a difference in that for Babel, the designer set the type slightly off kilter; a great design trick that speaks volumes about the chaos of the story.
I think both posters are eye-catching and do a pretty nice job of highlighting the key actors in these ensemble pieces.
Did the designer see Babel and make a conscious decision to copy the design? Or is he or she unaware of the inspiration? Do you care?
Savages, based on Don Winslow's novel,  opens July 6.