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Rest In Peace: Nora Ephron

I spent this past Saturday afternoon watching Sleepless in Seattle on Netflix instant streaming and comparing it with the script by Nora Ephron and Jeff Arch that I downloaded free online. It was a brilliant script and movie.
I was thinking about the movie because it's one of the most perfect examples of a 'romantic comedy' and the script I am working on is related to the genre. But that doesn't matter. I tend to think everything Nora Ephron wrote was brilliant and bitingly funny and quite beautiful in its honesty about men and women and how they live with and love each other.
I'm very sad to hear today that Nora Ephron is indeed dead - there were reports earlier today that jumped the gun - it seems that those who knew her loved her. And those of us who didn't loved her artistry.
Nora Ephron defined a genre but was a genius far beyond that.  So sorry.

RIP Nora Ephron