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Les Miserables (2012) Official Trailer [HD]: Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe...


  1. I've got to buckle down and finish reading this thing before the movie comes out (sigh). It's taking forever...

    To me, the movie looks as though it is going to be great :)

    1. Well at least you have time, it doesn't come out until December 14th. Is it worth the effort? It was tough going for me with Great Expectations but I'm glad I finally got it under my belt. Still think Dickens needs a good editor - I know that's sacrilege but there you have it!
      Good luck with Les Miz!

  2. Glad to hear someone else say they have a hard time getting through Dickens. Made me feel kind of bad when I could not make it through Bleak House. (This is is where I should insert a joke about it being 'bleak,' but that seems so predictable.)

    I gotta finish Les Miz cause I can almost see the finish line! (BTW, off topic (sorry) but finished script. I think it is really funny. Do you know any agent types for script-writer types? If not, that's cool...)

    On Old Dog New Tits, she was actually going on on Twitter about some guy named David Snape blocking her, so I wove that into the story of the two email guys - LOL!


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