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I'm Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

Okay, so you didn't know I'd been gone but regular readers (I have a couple :( ) know my last post was made on Mother's Day and here it is almost Father's Day. Almost a month without posting! What?!?!
Where have I been? Well obviously not online. Facebook actually sent me a message informing me that I was missing out on important stories my friends were discussing! Seriously!
I hope I still live in a world where if there is something really important going on someone will pick up a phone, and if not call, at least text.
Anyhow, our move into the city was so much more labor intensive and stress inducing than we bargained for. Downsizing from a 3 bedroom house with a garage in the 'burbs to a 1 bedroom apartment without a garage in the city is no easy feat! That and some of the family stuff like my mother's death really threw me for a loop.

But we are mostly in and mostly settled and loving our new hood. It's a five minute walk to Whole Foods and Trader Joes, L.A.'s famous and historic Farmer's Market as well as the trendy Grove. I've been thrilled to continue attending a writing workshop that used to be an hour drive minimum; now it's ten minutes!

And this past Friday I put my Mother's Day gift from my son to work. Since we moved so close to the L.A. art museum, Russell bought me a membership so I can go whenever I want. Mark and I took our beagle Charlie for a stroll through the LACMA grounds; I wanted to pop in and see the exhibit California Design before it closed. They were having a free jazz concert outside, with food and wine vendors. People were lazing around on the grass where a lot of folks had brought picnic suppers. Mark and Charlie sat on a wall enjoying the music and the ambience while I ran in and checked out the exhibit. They had a very cool recreation of the Eames House. You weren't allowed to take pictures of the house but I found the one above online.


On the set of “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter” were (from left) Christian Shuster, Christopher Visser and Tripp McMillian             PHOTO BY CHRISTIAN SHUSTER

Read more here: http://www.kansascity.com/2012/06/07/3647788/civil-war-re-enactors-in-abraham.html#storylink=cpy
So all of this is very non-book and movie related BUT I did receive an email a few days ago from,
a writer for the Kansas City Star. Her name is Lee Hill Kavanaugh and she was working on a piece about several of the Civil War re-enactors who helped make the film Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter based on Seth Grahame-Smiths book. She read on my blog that my husband worked on the film - He DID! - and she asked if she could interview him. As an Assistant Director, Mark doesn't get interview requests very often so he got a kick out of it! Here's the link to the finished article in the Kansas City Star.  Civil War Re-enactors in Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter.  Pretty cool, eh? I saw HBO's first look on the movie (that's my hubby's back yelling "CUT") and it looks really exciting to me.


  1. Welcome back!!! That disappearance was actually cool and makes you seem mysterious. Agatha Christie apparently disappeared for a little while and everyone still speculates about it and whether she was holed up in some hotel in Istanbul with a guy. (I KNOW that's where you really were, but your secret is safe with me!)


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