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The Great Gatsby Trailer Official 2012 [1080 HD] - Leonardo DiCaprio, To...

Here's that Great Gatsby trailer I was moaning about yesterday. I am totalled jazzed to see this movie but I'm not sure I'm loving the use of modern day music and dance to represent the Jazz Age period of the film. I loved how Luhrman used music in a similar way in Moulin Rouge but that wasn't based on a beloved and iconic book!
On the other hand, maybe the music and dancing will help the film reach a wider audience???
Either way, while I could live without Toby McGuire as Nick, I can't wait to see Leonardo DiCaprio and Carrie Mulligan as Gatsby and Daisy. I think they're both naturally elegant and tremendously talented. I'm also very curious to see how the 3-D works. I loved Scoresese's use of the tool in HUGO
and I'm wondering how Gatsby will hold up.
What do you think of the use of modern day music and dance?