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Artistic in Silverlake

I'm sharing this picture (which has nothing to do with books or movies) as part of Alyce's At Home with Books Saturday Snapshot meme.
In my non-blogging life I'm a realtor here in Southern California. I shot this adorable little bungalow when I was searching the artsy community of Silverlake (part of Los Angeles) for a house for some clients. This one is not for sale but if it was due to its location it would hover just under $1million!!!
I'm not a great photographer with my iPhone but I'm in love with those shutters! Bouganvilleas are  probably my favorite plant. The intensity stops me. On the left you can see the falling blooms of the Jacaranda tree. It's a lovely pale lilac color and only blooms for a couple of months in late spring.
Another thing  I love; communities that are free and open and not rigid in terms of exterior designs.