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ANNA KARENINA - Official Trailer (Time to dust off another classic)

Is it time for another Anna Karenina movie? The last time they made Leo Tolstoy's novel into a movie my husband went to Russia for four months - in the middle of winter - and I watched Pochontas over and over again with our four year old son. Russell is 19 now, so that means it was 15 years ago.  And since the film with Sophie Marceau and Sean Bean didn't exactly set the movie world on fire I guess it's fair to give it another go. In this rendition, Kiera Knightly takes the lead with Jude Law playing her husband - and looking quite ancient.  Aaron Johnson plays Count Vronksy, Aaron Johnson? He seems to be the new boy in town; we'll see him soon in SAVAGES as one of the pot dealers looking to expand their biz. He also played John Lennon - and was praised for his performance in Nowhere Boy. In the trailers he verges on the effeminate. The acclaimed playwright Tom Stoppard wrote the script, Joe Wright directs. Wright hasn't done all that much but what he's done has been pretty amazing: Hanna, Pride and Prejudice, Atonement, The Soloist plus some British tv series.
So the question is - will you read (or re-read) this Russian classic before you see the movie. The release date is currently set for November 9, 2012,