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Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter Review

Mark and I went to see Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter tonight. And I might be a tad prejudiced but I enjoyed the movie a lot. I think Dominic Cooper stole the film with his incredible smouldering performance as the 'good' vampire but Benjamin Walker (who is married to Meryl Streep's daughter) played Abraham Lincoln with boyish charm and self-deprecating swagger (if that's possible!)His chemistry with Mary Elizabeth Winstead who played Mary Todd Lincoln was spot on; she was very believable and loveable. When tragedy strikes I was absolutely in her corner as was the entire audience we saw the movie with.
The tie-in between vampires and slave owners was interesting; especially noteworthy was the appearance of Miss Harriet Tubman.
I found the film entertaining, fast paced and even a couple of times, quite moving.
Most of the critics are hating it but Richard Roeper gives the film a fine review. Watch the clip and see!


  1. Honestly, I'm with you on this one. Although I've not seen it yet (I will as soon as I get back from vacation!), I don't understand critics' animosity towards this one. It's a fun mash-up of serious history and humor, and it should be evaluated on its own merits. For my money, it's gonna be one of the most fun films of the summer, both a send-up and an homage to the genre--I'm hoping it's going to be the vampire equivalent of Men In Black, which I thought was clever and extremely well played for humor.


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