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Ryan Gosling is NOT a Recreant: Wondrous Words Wednesday

Ryan Gosling: Not a recreant
It's time for Wondrous Words Wednesday the meme hosted by Kathy at Bermuda Onions' weblog. Typically it's the day when we share new to us words from our reading.
This week I've barely read a thing because I am in the midst of packing madly for our move into Los Angeles plus I foolishly signed up for a writing workshop. Talk about terrible timing! While packing I discovered my old thesaurus, it's a fairly ancient hardback edition of Rogets classic; this one published in 1962 features wonderful little alphabetical and numerical tabs and there really is something very gratifying about sticking your finger in and pulling back the pages. The heft feels so good that even though I've mostly moved into the electronic age, I plan on keeping it!
So I opened it at random and found the word "recreant". Ahhh, one who recreates? Sorry, no.
It's one of those words that can be used as a noun and an adjective; the key meaning is coward/cowardly or disloyal.
According to dictionary.com
1300–50; Middle English < Old French, adj. and noun use of present participle of recreire to yield in a contest, equivalent to re- re- + creire < Latin crēdere to believe

rec·re·ance, rec·re·an·cy, noun
rec·re·ant·ly, adverb
un·rec·re·ant, adjective

1. dastardly, pusillanimous, base, faint-hearted, yellow. 2. faithless, untrue, apostate. 3. dastard.

1. brave. 2. loyal. 3. hero.
AND I thought you might enjoy this song from Drive, the film made from the James Sallis book of the same name. I LOVE this song "A REAL HERO" from College and Electric Youth


  1. Very interesting words....

  2. Ryan Gosling would never be a recreant. He is way, way, way to cute for any type of recreance. You should make a Ryan Gosling meme about it ;)

    1. Because the world needs another Ryan Gosling meme :)

  3. I would never have guessed the meaning of that word and you're right, Ryan Gosling is definitely not a recreant!

    1. I'm so glad you agree Kathy! It's pronounced rek-ree-unt by the way and I can't wait to use it!

  4. Should I admit to not really knowing who Ryan Gosling is? Clearly an actor. I just googled him, and thought that I hadn't seen any of his movies. But I have seen Lars and the Real Girl. I love recreant BTW, and no, I wouldn't have guessed the meaning either.

    1. I wasn't really clued in to Ryan Gosling until I met him at the wrap party for this movie, Drive, which my husband worked on. Then I got to know his work - he is quite amazing. I especially like him in Lars and the Real Girl, but also, HALF-Nelson (he was nominated for this one), Blue Valentine, Ides of March. He was terrific in last summer's Crazy, Stupid, Love.
      He's pretty popular with young women and there have been many, many memes, built around him. Google "Hey girl, Ryan Gosling meme" and you will see what I mean. What I appreciate most about him is depth in his acting work, great looks and very, very sweet nature. He is Canadian so perhaps that explains it. :)


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