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A River Runs Through It movie based on the book: Read It...Rent It

Medea Creek, Oak Park, CA

This is a picture of the creek that runs through my very suburban neighborhood. It's beautiful in the springtime - I took this picture about a month ago but as the spring rains stop and summer advances and the temperature rises the water slowly starts to disappear. I walk our beagle Charlie around this creek every day; I love to see the families of ducks. He's so used to them now he doesn't even bark. We are moving back to the city in a couple of weeks and I'm looking forward to living across from a world class art museum and near great shops and restaurants but I will surely miss our quiet morning walks.

It's not exactly "A River Runs Through It" and you can't fish in it but there is a magic for me in living near the soothing sounds of the water. In the meantime, "A River Runs Through It" is a book and movie pairing I highly recommend. Because really, can you ever get enough of Brad Pitt??
I'm posting this picture as part of Alyce's Saturday Snapshot meme. If you want to participate visit AtHomeWithBooks.net. It's fun to see what photos other bloggers have taken when they're not busy reading or blogging!