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Happy Mother's Day

I didn't take any new pictures for this week's Saturday Snapshot meme hosted by At Home with Books. Instead I found a few of my favorite pictures to help me tell all my fellow blogging moms to have a fabulous mother's day!
The first one of my pictures is a very old one of me (center with glasses) at about 4 years old , my mother, baby sister and big bro, on our first plane ride.
Second is my mother and my son, Russell, about a dozen years ago. One of the last Mother's Days she would really celebrate before Alzheimer's stole her memories.
The third picture is me with my own pride and joy, Russell, this time last year. A budding director, this was taken at the school theatre where his production of All My Sons was staged to rave reviews. He did such an amazing job directing this very emotional play - you can see I'm about to burst with motherly pride!
I hope you all have a wonderful mother's day, giving and receiving, love.