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Savages trailer, Blake Looks Lively

This is the trailer for the Oliver Stone film Savages, based on the book by Don Winslow.
Definitely not my kind of book, a maybe for the movie. It looks pretty intense, lots of violence, plenty of sex. I'm just not that interested in the story of a couple of out of control pot dealers getting it on with the same girl and going up against the Mexican drug cartel.

Blake Lively is the girl at the center of the threesome, the BFF's share the pot biz and the girl. Besides being best known for her relationship with Leonardo DeCaprio, Lively is also known for her role on Gossip Girl on tv and Bridget in The Sister of the Traveling Pants movies, not a whole lot more. She was in last summer's Green Lantern flop but we can't hold that against her.

Taylor Kitsch who played dark and irrisistable Tim on Friday Night Lights and British actor Aaron Johnson - he was John Lennon in Nowhere Boy- play the partners in crime, Chon and Ben. They both seem like interesting young actors I would like to see more of. Just not sure this is the vehicle I want to see more of them in.
Selma Hayak looks ridiculous as some sort of mob boss in a Cleopatra wig; I feel like I haven't seen her in anything solid in forever which leaves me wondering what happened to the woman who was Frida Kahlo? It definitely has an intriguing cast, which includes Uma Thurman, John Travolta, Emile Hirsch and Benicio del Toro.
And it is OLIVER STONE, the man who gave us Nixon, Born on the Fourth of July and Salvador. Then again, it's OLIVER STONE, the man who gave us Natural Born Killers. No, not my kind of flick.
It comes out July 6. Who knows; I may change my mind.