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Blandish me with a 'forest of camellias'

Wondrous Words Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by Kathy over at her Bermuda Onions Weblog. The point is to share words that are new to us that we encounter in our reading.
This week's word is blandishment, another of those words I knew I knew but it still stopped me. Did I really know what this word meant or was I just glossing over it in my reading? Well of course the context helps! I encountered the word in --- The Guernsey Literary & Potato Peel Pie Society, Mark Reynolds a publisher, has been sending flowers, including "a forest of camellias" as one  character describes them, to Juliet, a writer. Juliet tells her current publisher ...
"So far his blandishments are entirely floral, and I remain true to you and the Empire"
According to Merrian-Webster blandishment was first used circa 1553 and  means "something that tends to coax or cajole : allurement —often used in plural"
So Reynolds is using flowers to cajole Juliet to do something. Whether it is to be part of his stable of writers or simply go on a date, isn't exactly clear. I am really enjoying this book, told through a series of letters. The device works although it's always debatable, isn't it, whether the writer is taking the easy way out. I was disappointed to read that the Kenneth Branagh directed, Kate Winslet acted film has been delayed from its start date for another year due to casting issues. But, dear reader, if you've read this book and Kate Winslet is Juliet Ashton; who would you pick to play Sidney, Mark Reynolds and dear Dawsey Adams?