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Sunday Snippets: On the Road by Jack Kerouac Trailer, Casting for The Marriage Plot

At last! The first trailer for On the Road  is online.
Watching it is making me think less about the upcoming movie based on Kerouac's inconic book and more about whether my dream cast for the The Marriage Plot, the film based on Jeffrey Eugenides book, might be right before my eyes!
Kristen Stewart (Mary Lou) would be perfect as Madeline. Perfect. She's pretty in her vague way, no strong features that threaten to jump out and define her. Just the kind of girl both guys can make into the mental image of their dream girl and go nutso over.
Sam Riley, who plays Sal, absolutely looks like I imagine Mitchell to look.  Tall, thin, haunted. The whole notion of casting the entire threesome is ridiculous I know but looking at Garrett Hedlund who is Dean Moriarity has me thinking of manic-depressive Leonard! Will he gain the required poundage an authentic Leonard will at one point require, that is the question? Ryan Gosling would but of course he is too old!
While Kristen Stewart is a household name, I've never heard of the two male actors before, but they are it, I tell you. They are it!