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Saturday Snapshot - My Mum Enid during World War II

Updated: 1/16/2018

This is a picture of my mother, Enid, back in her glory days. She was born in 1925 and was a teenager when this picture was taken during World War II. She was 16, possibly 17 at the time. I used to love her stories about how she used to run up and down the stairs on the doubledecker buses in London, collecting fares, during the war. And meeting young American soldiers for dates and how her brothers teased her. In the end, she married my dad, a British officer ten years her senior. There are no stories left anymore. He's been gone for 20 years. My mum is in the advanced stages of Alzheimer's; she was admitted to hospital Thursday with pneumonia, dehydration and a uterine infection. It's pretty awful. People in the early stages of Alzheimers may look like Gena Rowlands in The Notebook but some 15 years in the diagnosis, they do not!

By the way, this is a wonderful and moving novel if you haven't read it. Lisa Genova is a neuro-scientist and paints the 50 year old Alice's descent into her disease with stark accuracy.

Saturday Snapshot is a weekly meme hosted by Alyce at At Home with Books.

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