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Ryan Gosling Reads Young Adult #book2movie

Hey Girl Meme featuring Ryan Gosling reading Young Adult

I'm probably the last person in the world to know about this but I just discovered the delicious Hey Girl ya meme. I knew about Ryan Goslings' Hey Girl meme but not about the ya version. He is such a hottie and so sweet - I was lucky enough to meet him and get a hug at the Drive wrap party - that I expect I will be a fan for life. (My husband Mark, is an assistant director and worked on the film, which is why I was there)

Check out the ryan gosling reads young adult turmblr here   I don't know who started it - probably part of his pr machine - but it's still fabulous and funny!

This one, with its book vs movie theme, is right up my alley.
Hey Ryan, I'm no girl, but I'm still waiting to watch Hugo with you! It's out on DVD and Blu-ray now although I have to say if you can find a theatre where it's playing the 3D version, it's so fantastic I'll buy the popcorn.