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Post A Picture of An Indie Bookstore on Your Blog!

An Open Letter to Book Bloggers
I was sad to read that the Book Warehouse in Vancouver, Canada is closing its doors. All four of them actually. Another indie bookstore bites the dust! Read the article here

Ladies and Gentlemen, can you please encourage your readers to check out an indie book store in their area? I usually shop at the big chain bookstore because it's the only one close to me in my suburban hood BUT I am going to start trying to go a bit out of my way if necessary to give indie bookstores a shot. POST A PICTURE on your site with a link to a bookstore near you and ask your readers to consider going in this weekend to buy a book.
Here's a link to a bookstore not too far from me in Studio City. It's called Portrait of a Bookstore and I encourage anyone in the area to go and check it out. If you were thinking of buying a book this weekend, like Being Flynn by Nick Flynn perhaps, or The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel rom Deborah Moggach or The Yellow House by Patricia Falvey, maybe you could pick up a copy there?

I am not up on how to use Mr. Linky yet so if you could just pass the word along, that would be great!
And if you would leave a comment here and/or join me, that would be great too!