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The Mysterious Mr. Dano is Nick Flynn in Being Flynn

Paul Dano with girlfriend,
Zoe Kazan
Mike Fleming of MovieFone did an interview with Paul Dano who plays Nick Flynn in the film Being Flynn, based on Flynn's memoir "Another Bullshit Night in Suck City" It's only playing at a couple of theatres here in L.A.; I'm planning on leaving the comfort of my suburban bubble to head into Hollywood so I can see it at the Arc Light next week. Here's Fleming's piece:

There's something fascinating about Paul Dano. Perhaps it's the fact that there aren't many people who walk around thinking, I've got that guy figured out. And to Dano's credit, I've never thought of him as someone who goes out of his way to be mysterious or secretive, he just kind of is -- which, in turn, is fascinating. It's obvious that Dano does not like doing press, as we discuss, but, then again, I'm more skeptical of people who just love doing press. Of course, it's hard not to wonder if Dano's reluctance to put himself out there cost him after the critical and financial success of "Little Miss Sunshine" and, especially, "There Will Be Blood."

Now Dano stars as Nick Flynn in "Being Flynn" -- a film based on the popular memoir "Another Bullshit Night in Suck City," about a drug abuser, Nick, and his relationship with his homeless father, Jonathan (Robert De Niro). After this interview, the author of that book, the real Nick Flynn, told me that the movie originally tested with the title, "Welcome to Suck City." Unfortunately, the people of Parsippany, NJ, did not care for that title, so it became the rather droll "Being Flynn" -- a title that Dano is obviously concerned about, wondering if people will associate this movie with that book. Regardless, in honor of the book's original title, here's another bullshit interview with Paul Dano.

One thing I learned from the interview is that they've changed the city from Boston to New York. Read the interview here to find out why.