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My favorite place to read --- Review Copy Clean Up Challenge

For those of you who do reading challenges, I like this one I saw over at Melissa's Eclectic Bookshelf
It's the Review Copy Clean Up Challenge. The idea is to show a picture of your favorite place - or describe - where you sit and read your way through your huge TBR pile.
Sigh. I get a little jealous because unlike most book bloggers I don't get ARC's (advanced reading copies)... I don't even know how all that works!

If I want to read a book I buy it (usually on my Nook unless a paperback is on sale) or borrow it from a friend or the library. Anyway, I don't have a TBR pile of ARC's BUT IF I DID this is where I would read some of them. Others I would read in bed. God, I LOVE reading in bed. And quite often I read on the couch because my dog Charlie likes to be close. If I am sitting in my reading chair for any length of time, he will jump up and share the seat. It is not big enough to fit the two of us!