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MTV goes to Cassandra French's Finishing School for Boys by Eric Garcia

Deadline reports that MTV has given a pilot order to Krysten Ritter who has teamed up with Eric Garcia to bring his 2004 novel, Cassandra French's Finishing School for Boys to the small screen. Ritter has been seen recently in Breaking Bad, as well as Gilmore Girls, Confessions of a Shopaholic, etc. Garcia wrote the book Matchstick Men which was adapted to the Nicolas Cage film. He is currently penning Wheel Of Time for Universal and The Prize Of Peril for Sony. He says the tone of the show will be similar to Heathers so I'm guessing snarky??
The publisher's blurb on the book: Cassandra French is a twenty-nine-year-old business affairs lawyer for a movie studio in Los Angeles. She has a creepy, platitudinous mother who is under house arrest for telemarketing fraud; and two best friends: studio exec Claire, who's sleeping with her shrink, and Lexi, a blond man-magnet of a yoga instructor. Oh, and she also has three handsome young men chained to cots in her basement. They're enrolled in Cassandra French's Finishing School For Boys.
Cassie has spent years in the dating hell that is Los Angeles, finding man after man who doesn't quite match up to her exacting standards. When Owen, a promising young man she meets at a baseball game, becomes a glassy eyed drunk by the seventh inning, she decides that all he needs is a little push in the right direction; after he passes out in her car, she brings him home, locks him up downstairs, and commences a year and a half of lessons on color coordination, behavior on dates, and ocassionally, sex. Owen proves an able student and is followed by two other likely candidates.
Things start to get a little complicated when Jason Kelly, Hollywood's biggest heartthrob, tries to seduce Cassie into fudging a contract issue on one of his movies. That's no way to treat a lady -- and Cassie has just the cure.
With an endearingly amoral heroine, a pitch-perfect L.A. setting, and a cast of unforgettably warped characters, Cassandra French's Finishing School for Boys is a shockingly funny, original, dead on satire of the dating scene.