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It's official! Marty and Leo are back together again with The Wolf of Wall Street

I can't help it. I feel like the entire world is on a first name basis with these two legendary movie guys who happen to be BFF's! And I'm just as jazzed up and excited as the whole Hollywood industry is, that Leonardo DiCaprio and Martin Scorsese, who both committed in theory to the idea of making The Wolf of Wall Street based on Jordan Belfort's memoir, last year, have got the go ahead to do so! Red Granite Pictures will take care of the money. Speaking of money, this isn't my kind of book, but I can see how it will make a good movie. Leo will channel Jordan Belfort perfectly! And Marty needs some danger in his life after last years lovely, lovely Hugo movie.
The book is described on Goodreads this way: By day he made thousands of dollars a minute. By night he spent it as fast as he could, on drugs, sex, and international globe-trotting.  From the binge that sank a 170-foot motor yacht, crashed a Gulfstream jet, and ran up a $700,000 hotel tab, to the wife and kids who waited for him at home, and the fast-talking, hard-partying young stockbrokers who called him king and did his bidding, here, in his own inimitable words, is the story of the ill-fated genius they called…The Wolf of Wall Street.
According to Vulture, they'll finally start shooting in August in NYC.

Part of the delay is being put down to Leo's interest in The Revenent, a historical novel by Michale Punke about a bear mauling. It sounds like he was involved on the producing end, with Sean Penn playing the lead role but since Sean Penn has passed for now and is instead going to make a movie based on Jennifer Vogel's memoir; Flim-Flam Man: The True Story Of My Father's Counterfeit Life, that leaves our Leo free to work with Master Scorsese again