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I have Great Expectations that I will write a real 'review' of this classic soon...

Phew! I finally finished Great Expectations at about one o'clock in the morning. I have been reading - and not reading - this classic for weeks.
In a nutshell:
Pages 1 - 100: the first hundred pages were tough. It has been awhile since I've read Dickens and the archaic language took me awhile to get into. Still, I was highly delighted with his take on society; his point of view made me smile. All these years later and he was still relevant. Duh, that's why they call it a classic.

Pages 100 - 336: dare I say I was wondering WHY it was taking him so long to say what he had to say? WHY did he have to keep saying the same things over and over? Mr. Dickens you need an editor, I found myself grumbling, you, dear legendary great, need a good contemporary re-write. What sacrilege but I was desperate! Oh it was dreary for me and terribly, terribly, terribly trying to get through.

Pages 336 - 540: OMG and Hallelujah! I get it! The hard work of the first 336 pages paid off as I couldn't stop reading the last 200 or so! So that's why Great Expectations has been adapted and adapted and adapted?! FANTASTIC!

A proper review coming sometime; for now I'm just happy I've finished the book so I can watch the drama on PBS Masterpiece Theatre next month!  Gillian Anderson as Miss Havisham, Vanessa Kirby as Estella, wonderful Ray Winstone as Magwitch, the oh so watchable David Suchet as Jaggers, Harry Lloyd as Herbert and especially the lovely looking Douglas Booth as Pip.
(Booth is beautiful looking isn't he? No surprise then that he has recently wrapped up production of Romeo and Juliet opposite Hailey Stanfield. Just for clarification; she plays Juliet, he Romeo.  Julian (Downton Abbey, Gosford Park, Snobs) Fellowes has done the screenplay adaptation of the bard's work.)
God forgive me if I don't care deeply about each and every one of these characters and more - Biddy, Wemmick, the Aged One, I adore you all. "Cept you Drummle but that's to be expected, eh?
Oh Dickens you are a crafty one!
Look for it on Masterpiece Theatre April 1 and April 8th!