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The Hunger Games - TV SPOT - Countdown Event (2012) HD Movie

Watch this new TV spot for The Hunger Games  They call it the Countdown spot and pretty thrilling to watch! Just one more week...I think I'm going to avoid the first weekend because I assume the theatres will be inundated with all those Suzanne Collins fanatics who have already bought their tickets. But I don't know. It looks so good I may not be able to wait. Fingers crossed that it's true to the book. Thanks to Alex at aroundthenetworks.com for posting this.


  1. This gives me goosebumps!! I have high hopes for this movie - the clips look faithful to the book and match my imagination - fingers crossed.

    PS Love your page design :-)

    1. I completely agree. I'm praying (in a secular way)please don't mess it up, please don't mess it up. Although I have to admit I really wasn't thrilled with the one clip I saw where Caesar interviews Peeta. Stanley Tucci is always good but Josh Hutcherson seemed kind of, um, wimpy is probably too strong. But just a little too vague, I guess. I'm just hoping it's not indicative of the entire movie or I was in a bad mood when I saw it. I'm trying not to watch it again, ha ha!


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