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Headhunters movie out April 6th in UK, Mark Wahlberg loves it

Here's the English language trailer for theNorwegian film based on Jo Nesbo's crime novel, Headhunters. According to Nesbo's website, the film is going to be released in the U.K. and Ireland on April 6th. You lucky ducks! It looks super sharp, modern and thrillingly different! I am not a subtitles fan but, like the Steig Larsson films, I will have to make an exception and see this one in the theatres... if I can find it playing here in the states! 

I guess I missed it on the festival circuit so I might have to content myself with seeing it via NETFLIX. OR WAITING FOR THE REMAKE which may star MARK WAHLBERG!                                                                                  HE LOVES THE MOVIE and wants to do the english language remake.
Here's what he told the guys over at Shortlist.com

"I saw a film recently called Headhunters," he shared. "It's a Norwegian film and it's one of the best movies I've seen in a long time."He revealed that the arduous remake process is already underway. "I met with the director and pleaded with the studio that has the rights so we'll see if we get anywhere with that."
The film, which Wahlberg described as "awesome", follows an art thief on the run and broke box office records when released in Norway.

There is another version of the trailer on Nesbo's website; it's an exclusive Yahoo trailer so you might want to take a look see.   So exciting!