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The Expats by Chris Pavone: CBS Films hires script writer

Courtesy of word and film providing a link, I've just read the opening pages of this brand new book from first time author Chris Pavone. It's amazing! Excerpt from The Expats
Partly becaue Pavone, a man, has a the female protagonist's voice down and partly because as a romantic, the idea of living life as an expat has always appealed to me (the grass is greener in Paris or London isn't it?) and partly, and maybe, mostly, because this thriller clearly hinges on a lie, not just any lie, but a lie you tell your spouse. Kate's husband clearly has no idea what she has been doing for a living. It's a breathtakingly scary proposition - I wouldn't even dream of lying to my husband about who I had lunch with! Instead of me ranting about it, you have got to read it. Then you won't be at all surpised by the fact that while the book was just released March 6, it was long ago picked up by CBS films for an adaptation AND now a writer has been hired to pen the screenplay. Alex Holmes who seems to have done a fair amount of producing but was the writer for the television show House of Saddam.
Anyway, read this excerpt Excerpt from The Expats and tell me if you think it's as fantastic as I think it is.