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Ewan McGregor - Watch Salmon Fishing in the Yemen Interview

A lovely interview with the always lovely Ewan McGregor in which I learn about Corpsing! But not one word about the writer of the actual novel, Paul Torday.


  1. And here's an interview with Paul Torday in which he doesn't mention Ewan McGregor LOL!
    In all fairness, it was done back in 08 and it's mostly about the books that came after Salmon Fishing in the Yemen - Girl on the Landing (has that been released?)

  2. I just recently saw a commercial for this one. I had no idea that it was originally a book. The movie looks really good and I love, love, love Ewan McGregor.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Meg. I have been seeing and seeing that trailer for ages - and waiting for the movie - and I had no idea it was a book either. I do try to keep up. Yeah, I triple love Ewan McGregor too. I think Christian in Moulin Rouge is still my favorite McGregor role but this one might change my mind.


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