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Does Hugh Jackman look miserable in Les Miserables?

Wow! The first pictures from the Les Miserables movie - no one seems to be calling it Les Miz yet - have started showing up on the net - I found mine on screenrant.com and collider.com. I think Russell Crowe looks very Master and Commander as Javert while I found the first pictures of Hugh Jackman as Jean Valjean shocking.

I don't know what I was expecting?! It makes sense that Valjean, before being released from prison would appear with shaved head (lice) and that there would be scarred gashes on his scalp. But if you're used to seeing Hugh looking loverly, these shots were a quick reminder that Jean Valjean might be the closest thing to a super-hero the musical theatre has,(forget Spiderman!) Jean Valjean is not exactly Jackman's Wolverine from X-Men!

Which may be why Jackman tweeted the first official picture of Valjean. It's a great shot, not quite as harsh and shocking! And we can see our inner Hunky Hugh hiding inside the noble Frenchman.

The movie, being directed by Tom (The Kings Speech) Hooper comes out December of this year.

Now all I want to know is where are the women?!