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Sunday Snippets: Leonardo DiCaprio's hair and other great Gatsby stuff

I got a tremendous kick reading Stuart Heritage's Anatomy of a Picture online in the Guardian this morning. Just had to share this piece on the upcoming Gatsby movie which I'm frankly salivating over.

Anatomy of a picture: The Great Gatsby

The true star of Baz Luhrmann's 3D film could well be DiCaprio's hair. But what else does this still tell us?

1) Stereoscopic hair

Baz Luhrmann may have had the novel's kinetic climax in mind when he decided to film The Great Gatsby in 3D, but the star of the show will undeniably be Leonardo DiCaprio's hair. Imagine it flicking and swishing at you in three dimensions. Part L'Oréal ad and part manic octopus attack, it should be astonishing to witness.

2) Mulligan as Mulligan

It doesn't matter that Carey Mulligan is playing Daisy Buchanan here, because in reality she is just playing the same role as she did in Shame and Drive. There's sadness. There's superficial glamour. There's underlying desperation. There's a surprisingly competent American accent. She can do this in her sleep.

3) Jazz-age headwear

If The Great Gatsby is the success it promises to be, expect to see elaborately patterned headscarves popping up everywhere this Christmas. In other news, expect to see hundreds of confused-looking women getting their elaborately patterned headscarves trapped in train doors this Christmas.

4) Thumbs aloft

Curiously, both DiCaprio and Mulligan are presented with their thumbs pointing upwards in this picture. Is this a coincidence? An indication of the lead character's ineffable optimism? Or a sign that there's going to be a 20-minute medley of Paul McCartney songs in the middle? Here's hoping – it is a Baz Luhrmann film, after all.

5) Lovely jumper

It's far too early to talk about any accolades that The Great Gatsby might win, but the film already looks like a frontrunner for those snuggliest-looking jumper categories. This truly is a wooly jumper for the ages, up there with Nicholas Hoult's jumper from A Single Man and, well, no other jumpers. It really is a very nice looking jumper.