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House of Cards: David Fincher directs for Netflix!

Is this for real? According to Deadline, Netflix’s first original series has David Fincher directing and Kevin Spacey starring. I'm shocked that Fincher  would consider directing a tv show - or that Netflix would have the budget for it. Perhaps he's just directing a 2 hour pilot but the announcement doesn't really make that clear. Either way, it's pretty exciting. And a gutsy move for Netflix to develop their own content!
 The series will be loosely based on the best selling political thriller, House Of Cards  by Michael Dobbs. The novel - and the British tv show it engendered - were set in the House of Commons; Fincher's version has been rewritten to fit the American political landscape. Kevin Spacey stars as  Rep. Frank Underwood, the Majority Whip of the US House of Representatives who, after getting is passed over for Secretary of State, hatches a plot to bring down the new President. Hmmmm. Kate Mara , who you may know from American Horror Story on FX will play Zoe Barnes, a reporter for a top Washington newspaper who makes a deal with Underwood for a story that could cost her her soul.
And in a true Hollywood case of it's not what you you know, it's who you know, Kate Mara is Rooney Mara's sister, who Fincher recently directed in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. I'm not saying Kate Mara isn't talented - I've never seen the show, is she? - but it's easy to imagine that Rooney might have mentioned her to David. "Here. Take my sister please!" Robin Wright, who Fincher cast as Daniel Craig's lover and Millenium magazine publisher in Tattoo is also onboard as Spacey's wife.  WOW! This is definitely one to watch. Not sure as to air dates but will let you know.


  1. It's written by Beau Willimon, writer of The Ides of March. Fincher will probably direct the pilot and step off after, Willimon said Fincher has been busy doing his own things.

  2. Fincher just doing the pilot makes a lot of sense.Knowing that Willimon is writing it just makes it that much more exciting to look forward to. Thanks for the info!

  3. There was no pilot order. Netflix outbid the other networks and offered a commitment of two seasons! Here are the details: http://www.deadline.com/2011/03/netflix-to-enter-original-programming-with-mega-deal-for-david-fincher-kevin-spacey-drama-series-house-of-cards/

    And yeah, Kate Mara is pretty talented. She played Heath Ledger's daughter in Brokeback Mountain, by the way. If that rings a bell. I'd guess Fincher met her through Rooney and *then* thought of her for the part, as opposed to the reverse. But who knows/

  4. Thanks d., I appreciate the link. Pretty interesting stuff. Comitting to 26 episodes upfront is amazingly gutsy of Netflix! Then again I do see how my own and my friends and family's viewing patterns are changing. I've been watching last season's Downton Abbey and Sherlock on Netflix, my son and his friends are working their way through Twin Peaks. It's fantastic having such a wide variety of choices! And you're probably right about how Kate Mara got the part. I was just being snarky.


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