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Amy Adams IS An Object of Beauty!

Thank you for sharing,Word and Film! I'm just as ecstatic as you clearly are. I ADORE Amy Adams and can't wait to see how this turns out! I'll let their post tell the story ...
Much to our delight, it was recently announced that Oscar-nominated actress Amy Adams will produce and star in the film adaptation of Martin’s best-seller. This book follows another young woman, one Lacey Yeager, gallerista. She’s charming, she’s educated, she’s ambitious and savvy — and she’s climbing her way with grace and with wit through the New York art world. Adams has showed us her goofy side (“Julie & Julia”), her tough-as-leather side (“The Fighter”), her darkly comedic side (“Sunshine Cleaning”), and even her churchy side (“Doubt”) over the last few years and she’s brilliantly executed all of these roles. It will be refreshing, now, to see Adams take on a part that’s a little higher heeled than usual for her, showcasing what we have full faith will be yet another character conquered by the star. The other role we’re in which we’re excited to see Adams step is producer. She’ll be working aside co-producers Trudie Styler (wife of Sting and no stranger to producing) and Oscar-nominated Celine Rattray (“The Kids Are All Right”).
Our outlook? This movie has serious potential. Steve Martin’s writing coupled with Amy Adams’ acting, set in the New York City art scene has all of the makings of one big celebration of style and substance. It’s been decades since Martin last brought home one of the Big Three awards, with 1969′s Emmy for “The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour.” Though there’s no word yet on who will be writing the screenplay, we’ve got our fingers crossed for the author and can’t help but daydream about the possibility of his potential entry — finally — into the Golden Globe or Oscar-winning realm. In the meantime, we’ll rest easy knowing that, in spite of who does the dirty work, we have “An Object of Beauty” on the silver screen to look forward to.
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