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Adrift in Soho by Colin Wilson

Has anyone read Adrift in Soho? Apparently it was written by Colin Wilson back in 1961 about the British beat scene. I just read about it on the Book Soup bookstore blog and am definitely intrigued.
This is what they had to say about it
About three years before Swinging London hit the headlines, Colin Wilson of "Outsider" fame was writing about the down and out (and in) Soho.  This was Wilson's second novel which reads like a memoir, and is a really beautiful snapshot of boho London before it was defined by the popular media of the time.  For some life was very causal, and for the hardcore Soho citizen a way of life that totally ignore the mainstream view of life.  Colin Wilson always struck me as a romantic, but in a very good way.  And this is a very solid and a very quick read into the world of Soho, London and its citizens.  And like any good book on London, the city becomes a character in the story.  The edition I read is New London Editions and it promises to be an important press.
Digging around a bit, it appears that writer/director Pablo Behrens owns the screen rights and is trying to get financing and get a film made of the book. Boho London sounds like a fantastic background for a story. And I'm curious to follow its progress. There's a cast list up at the site, the most recent entry is this past December. You can check it out at Adrift in Soho film   I see a part for Carey Mulligan already, the "emotional London actress, Myra, age 26". I would love to see her flex her muscles. Guess I should read this book first though...I predict I'll be driving into Hollywood soon!