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Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter First Trailer

Jim Lemley, one of the producers of Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter, called my husband this morning, letting him know the first trailer was up. He told him to check out Time Magazine  who call it "goofy, glorious stuff".  It looks pretty exciting and it looks like it has the goods to excite fans of the book by Seth Grahame- Smith. Of course, we're excited since my hubby Mark spent a good deal of time last year working on it. They shot it on location in and around New Orleans. Part of what Mark worked on were the big battle scenes, they used a lot of civil war re-enactors as opposed to ordinary background actors to acheive the authenticity. Cuz authenticity is important when you're talking Abraham Lincoln and vampires! Seriously, for the fans and the audience that likes large scale action, suspense and excitement, I think this is going to be bloody, good fun.