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Will Gary Oldman Get a Best Actor Nomination for Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy?

I hope you will see Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy when you get a chance. Here in Los Angeles it is finally getting some buzz - it's mostly the advertising the studios do to get academy members to consider their film. And Focus Features is definitely focusing on Gary Oldman and so there is a lot of For Your Consideration language targeted to the Academy members. Remember, their votes have to be in by Friday the 13th. Poor Gary Oldman has to make the q&a and appearance rounds, participating in the schmoozefest that is awards season!  Pete Hammond spoke with him at one of those appearances  - here's a couple of highlights from that conversation. I particularly like the fact that he looked beyond the script to the book for his cues!

How He Created His Character:
Well, you’re working from a great piece of literature. So it’s like these giants of writing: Tony Kushner, Arthur Miller, John le CarrĂ©. The script to me is your map of the world and all the clues to playing Smiley were in the book. When in doubt it became the Holy Grail. Although it’s set in the Cold War period, the story remains timeless: I don’t think a great deal has changed. I never really looked at this as a period piece as such. The faces have changed; the enemy changes, but we seem to continually go through these moments of stability that are punctuated with the promise of annihilation. That’s what I remember when I was a teenager growing up I the ’70s, we thought World War III was going to happen.
Resonance With Today’s Corporate Culture:
I think that’s also why the book has enjoyed such longevity. It might be the closest thing to the corporate world.
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