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Screen Adaptation of Shadow Dancer at Sundance

Not to be outdone by all the films based on books getting Oscar buzz, there's at least one book to read before you see the movie which just premiered at this years Sundance.
Shadow Dancer, set primarily in the Belfast of the early 1990's, was adapted for the screen by the book's novelist, Tom Bradby. Bradby, used his real life experience as a former news correspondent in Northern Ireland to pen the book in 1998. His first, Bradby has written six novels in total. Part of the excitement surrounding the film, is that it comes on the heels of the acclaimed Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy - a film about MI5 that's not Bond-related has some people hoping the genre may enjoy a new upswing in popularity.
In Shadow Dancer, Colette McVeigh, played by Andrea Riseborough, whose entire family has always been involved in the IRA,  is forced to be an informer for MI5 in order to stay out of prison ... and stay in the lives of her children.
Her MI5 handler, David Ryan in the book, Mac in the movie is played by Clive Owen. Gillian Anderson - yes, that X-files Gillian Anderson is Mac's supervisor.
James Marsh, best known for his riveting documentary, Man on a Wire, directed.
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