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Salem Falls coming out on DVD in April

I know that a lot of Jodi Picoult fans are wondering when they can see Salem Falls on Lifetime again. Well I doublechecked and the bad news for you is it's not going to air again anytime in the next six weeks. BUT on the good news front it is scheduled to be out on DVD on April 12, 2012.
The music by Gary Koftinoff seems to be one of the things people love most about the movie so I tried to find the sountrack. ButI couldn't find it on iTunes or anyplace else either, although you can download his music for Left Behind at CD universe! That would be a good source to bookmark and check back on.
For the music buffs, here's a link to an entry I posted about Gary waaaay back in 2011:) Gary Koftinoff
You can keep up with the legendary Jodi Picoult at her website here  She is just getting ready to go on tour for her newest book, Lone Wolf, and starts out on the east coast in February. She's also visiting the UK as well as going on tour with her daughter, Sammy, in July! They co wrote a young adult book, Between the Lines together. I wonder if that young lady has any idea how incredibly lucky she is!