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Read The Eye of the Storm BEFORE it hits US theatres in April

 In my quest to read great books BEFORE they come to the big screen, I have to thank Deadline for bringing "The Eye of the Storm" to my attention. It's based on the book written by Patrick White 1973. White is Australia's only Nobel laureate for literature. Fred Schepisi directs with  Geoffrey Rush, Charlotte Rampling and Judy Davis starring. Can you believe that cast?! The screenplay is by Judy Morris’who is an accomplished Australian writer, actress and director - surprisingly she co-wrote Happy Feet and Babe: Pig in the City. The Eye of the Storm is described "as a savage exploration of family relationships centered around an elderly, dying woman with all the love, hate, humor and tragedy the situation entails."
Sounds like The Descendants in overdrive! Charlotte Rampling is the dying mother, her two very grown 'children' who return to Australia to be at her deathbed are played by Geoffrey Rush and Judy Davis. Watch the trailer; it has got me going!

Helen Morse and Alexandra Schepisi also star. The Eye Of The Storm took prizes at the Melbourne and Rome film festivals and has received 12 nominations for Australia’s Academy of Cinema and TV Arts awards. It's coming out in April here in the states, which leaves me plenty of time to read the book IF I can find it! Hopefully they will come up with a movie tie-in version, currently I could only find used copies at both Amazon and Barnes & Noble! Has anyone read this book? What do you think of the casting? How about the film; anyone seen it yet? I really can't wait.