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Neil Smith to Translate The Andalucian Friend

For all those interested in The Andalucian Friend by Alexander Soderberg I just learned that Neil Smith will be doing the Swedish to English translation. Note it won't be out until 2013 so we really need to cool our heels! Smith lives in Norfolk, does a ton of Swedish to English translations. I've tweeted him asking if he's seen anything from the book yet. Let's see if he responds at all. HIS extensive list of translation credits is at the bottom of this post. Among them is Linda, as in the Linda Murder; another upcoming film.

If you haven't heard, Soderberg is the latest in a string of Nordic crime writers gaining huge popularity worldwide. I guess it started with Stieg Larsson and his immensely popular Milennium trilogy. Currently Jo Nesbo is top gun, the screen rights to both Head Hunters and Snow Man have been acquired. Up to now, Soderberg has been a television script writer who has made a living adapting the work of writers like Camilla Lackberg for the tv screen. The Andalucian Friend seems to be his first foray into novels himself and he's had wild success, selling world rights as well as screen rights at the Berlin Book festival this past fall.

The Andalucian Friend is the first book in the series following Sophie, a Swedish nurse and single mother, who becomes involved in a conflict between two powerful crime syndicates and a group of corrupt police officers

Neil Smith who lives in Norfolk, England is a member of the Swedish English Literary Translators Association. His  translations include: Mons Kallentoft, 'Midwinter Sacrifice' (Hodder & Stoughton, 2011), Liza Marklund, 'The Bomber', 'Exposed' (Transworld, 2011), 'Red Wolf' (2010), Postcard Killers (Little, Brown, 2010); Ulf Nordfjell, 'Fourteen Gardens' (Frances Lincoln, 2010); Hjalmar Bergman, 'Memoirs of a Dead Man' (Norvik Press, 2007); Stefan Einhorn, 'The Art of Being Kind' (Little, Brown, 2006); Stig Björkman, 'Trier on Von Trier' (Faber & Faber, 2005); Alexander Bard & Jan Söderqvist, 'Netocracy: The New Power Elite and Life After Capitalism' (Reuters, 2002), 'The Global Empire' and 'The Body Machines' (ebooks); Ralph Edenheim, 'Skansen: Traditional Swedish Style' (Scala, 1999). Unpublished work includes film scripts and sample translations. Forthcoming: Liza Marklund, 'Paradise', 'Nobel's Last Will' and 'Lifetime' (Transworld, 2012); Mons Kallentoft, 'Summertime Death' (Hodder & Stoughton, 2012), 'Autumn Sonata' (2013); Leif G W Persson, 'He Who Kills the Dragon' (Transworld, 2012), 'Linda, As In the Linda Murder' (2013); Alexander Söderberg, 'The Andalucian Friend' (Harvill, 2013).